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[We Are Not Ourselves] screams cute with its wall of guinea pig portraits and ‘50s all-American girl wardrobe... until you see the blood and dark magic and the question-raising gift box... Drummer Dominic Mercurio does double duty as director of the music video... It’s a modern day Grimms’ fairytale of a doppelganger’s ability to dupe even those closest to you, complementing the song’s orchestral pop peppered with flashes of yelping and chaos.
— Billboard
Beautiful, soulful, and just a little otherworldly. There’s a tight simplicity at the core of both this song [Flames and Figures] and its video: a voice, a woman, an empty room, piano notes spiraling upward.
— PopMatters
Combining cheeky Americana imagery (like a fanatically distorted depiction of “Leave It to Beaver”) with a touch of Dostoevsky’s eerie novella “The Double,” [We Are Not Ourselves] is a frightening and fascinating descent into the murderous thoughts and deadly fantasies normally suppressed by the stiflingly artificial veneer of everyday life. It’s the id run amok, finally unrestrained by the petty chains of morality and conscience. If the video doesn’t freak you out too much, you’ll definitely enjoy the dark comedy and bitter playfulness of it all.
— The Bay Bridged
[We Are Not Ourselves is] a Vincent Price meets Tim Burton world of chilling horror and bloodcurdling macabre...It’s OK if you need to watch with your hands covering your eyes.
— Music Savage
If a young Stanley Kubrick had directed a version of Alice In Wonderland it would probably look a lot like the new music video for Foxtails Brigade’s latest single “Far Away And Long Ago”. The creepy scenery and horrific, faceless socialites are the perfect match for the song’s warped orchestral sonics and dreamy vocals. Filmed in one shot in a crazy-looking mansion, this is a video that demands multiple viewings.
— Audiocred
Before finding Dominic, we worked with several videographers. Hands-down Dominic is the best videographer we’ve worked with. Since joining us 3+ years ago he has produced over 900 videos. Dominic can do everything from script writing, directing, shooting, lighting, editing, and more. His work has made our product more understandable and approachable to our customers.
— Karen Johnson | Senior Marketing Manager at TCI