outside of film, I play percussion for two Oakland-based bands.


Foxtails brigade

The Hollywood Hills-born daughter of a horror filmmaker and sister of a cult comedian, Foxtails front-girl Laura Weinbach grew up in a household that embraced eccentricity. Her next-door neighbors were circus contortionists with emus and fang-toothed monkeys as pets and her childhood activities included snail hunting and spying on celebrity neighbors like Slash, Ice-T, and Larry from Perfect Strangers. Laura’s upbringing is present everywhere in Foxtails Brigade, from the lyrical imagery to the hand-drawn artwork and sophomoric Instagram cartoons.

The band’s live show is a clockwork of junkyard beats, warped orchestral sonics, and Laura’s trademark voice and classical guitar intricacies with an A-List ensemble featuring performing members of Bright Eyes, Van Dyke Parks, and John Kale.  The songs tackle subjects of substitute teaching in the Oakland and LA public school scenes, steak appreciation, and general unfairness awareness with a warped pop sensibility akin to influences like St. Vincent, Joanna Newsom, The Smiths, and Spoon.

Following their 2010 debut album The Bread and the Bait (Antenna Farm Records), the band released their second LP. Time Is Passed (DIY) during Christmas of 2012. Since then, Foxtails Brigade have been busy making videos, touring, and preparing their third LP.

Ghost town jenny

Ghost Town Jenny began as the solo project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kim Kylland. Kylland grew up splitting time between southern California and Norway, and eventually spent her formative years as a songwriter & performer in Dublin, Ireland. After traveling alone through Europe with just a guitar and a backpack, she attended school in Japan, and eventually moved to Reykjavik, Iceland. While at Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark, Kim met Johan Svensson, who would later become her bandmate (synths) and writing partner. After a few more years of traveling and writing in various locations, the pair relocated to Northern California, where they currently reside.The band's line-up was later completed with Bay Area musicians, Corey Christopher Mike (violin) and Dominic Mercurio (drums).

Ghost Town Jenny's music has been compared to everyone from Florence & The Machine and Bjork (Purevolume) to June Carter Cash and Andrew Bird (Austin Texas Decider), but it's evident that they are cultivating their own unique sound. This diverse group of talents has charmed audiences around the globe, from large scale festivals to intimate performances. Iceland Airwaves Festival wrote that each Ghost Town Jenny song "is like it's own contained fairy tale".